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Letter of Perfection

In the summer, I saw a beautiful message encrypting through the nerves of a shallow mindset. It was bright and warm, people were unclad seeking the liberation form shyness. Fear was fading away from the agony of childbirth. Hope was around even in the rope of a suicidal belt. I saw the message, creeping through the eyes of a being - I have never seen such a being before. It's nerves were thick, protruding as if the veins were about to burst. It looked like an archipelago, a tattoo withdrawn from the touch of human race. The encryption was subtle, the mind was shallow. Shallow in the marshy labyrinth of grey cells, the cells which claimed to be an archetypal nauseating hydroma. I was withdrawn, I stayed away from the cupidity of  curiosity. Encryption, be it in the pretext of fear or anger, it wasn't in sync with my desire for freedom. I quit, I fret to the fright of a superior intellect, that would quintisimally withdraw from the intuition of liquidity.

I saw the children, fou…