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It broke!

Washing the sins from my mortal pains, I walked backward towards the garage of carnal desire. I smiled at the thoughts of the night, as the dawn overtook the darkness of slumber. Unclad in the garage and the Main Street, the ecstasy of music overtook the morality of human soul. Cop was nice, so were the herbs. His beard overshadowed the clumsiness of her beauty. And there goes backwards to the middle of Arch Street, funk night and human diaspora. Colors of music and love, we were liberated from the ruthless fight for life. She worked with her mother, and the awe of that genetic bonding brought tears in my eyes - I controlled for the sake of manly pride. As I gulped the popcorn from the street, I did not know what awaits me in the dawn. And it broke!

Letter of Perfection

In the summer, I saw a beautiful message encrypting through the nerves of a shallow mindset. It was bright and warm, people were unclad seeking the liberation form shyness. Fear was fading away from the agony of childbirth. Hope was around even in the rope of a suicidal belt. I saw the message, creeping through the eyes of a being - I have never seen such a being before. It's nerves were thick, protruding as if the veins were about to burst. It looked like an archipelago, a tattoo withdrawn from the touch of human race. The encryption was subtle, the mind was shallow. Shallow in the marshy labyrinth of grey cells, the cells which claimed to be an archetypal nauseating hydroma. I was withdrawn, I stayed away from the cupidity of  curiosity. Encryption, be it in the pretext of fear or anger, it wasn't in sync with my desire for freedom. I quit, I fret to the fright of a superior intellect, that would quintisimally withdraw from the intuition of liquidity.

I saw the children, fou…

A Life Less Miserable

I opened the doors and the deafening music sparked the light in me. Darkness, hopes and drinks lingered around the corner of my heart. I swore to my oath, I was a mortal of numbness watching the emotions under the blanket of my thoughts.
Dancing to the ecstasy of country music, I saw hope from afar. Shyness versus desire, the hope blurred my vision. I moved towards the hope, holding  the fear to her waist. We danced and laughed, my pursuit for consciousness was shattered under the ecstasy of desire. That ecstasy sucked every drop of her blood (literally), she was mine, we were one, the worlds were we, we were the world! I fell to the ground, looked up at the sky, my pride overshadowed my flimsy heart. And in the dawn I dreamt the dreadful fate of evolutionary humanism. Those men in horses shot the feeble sapiens, I saw children dying on the corners of road. That dreadful fate in the name of evolution, if nature selects the best why not humans? If nature selected humans, why not human…

Storming My Sanity

I don't care which language you speak, I don't care how you look, I don't care if you are human or a tree, I don't care if you are happy or sad. All the hormones those rages in your spinal chord has little to do with my love for you. I am the one who thinks you are not a human, not a beacon of mercy, not an instrument of peace, not an imaginary illusion. I am looking for peace for my internal quest of truth and love. I love you, I live for all the soul that you created in this indestructible place called nothingness. You are not in the mind of sanity. You are the world of ecstasy.

Happy to be here

I'm happy to be here. Happy to be in this world. Or is it that the world is inside me. Who knows? No one knows. Are you just an imagination in my brain. Are you me? I hope so!

The memes, life, cultures, songs, rhythms, talent, equations, arts, are they just inside me? The brain, ego, hormones, genes, nucleotide, is it all just inside me? Who am I then? A made up thing called conscious? A made up thing made from nothing? Am I nothingness? Are you a part of nothingness? I am happy! Is this a delusion, an illusion? You are in me. What if I am in you? Do you exist? Really? Do you exist?

I don't want to end this. This ecstasy! This ecstasy that has no meaning, that is ignorant. Striving to be something it is not aware of. Growing virulently like a happy disease. This is the art of my brain. Welcome 2017! A made up year in a made up story. Food , drinks all that goes to the hungrless stomach. For the good of my story. For good of my fallacy.