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As Man Thinks

Born out of water, he learnt like a fluid. Millions of experiments through innumerable streams of possibilities, he grew up strong and bold. As the intelligence evolved, it shaped him to be a man, a man inventiing machines. Born out of earth, machines learnt like a dead parch of land. Millions of experiments through predetermined arrays of logic, machines grew up strong and bold. He thought, 'machines are stronger and quiker than me, so why I shouldn't be like earth?' He emulated machines, woke up predetermined, worked predetermined, slept predetermined. He was no more water, his experiments were through logic. He wanted to be his creation, he wanted to be better than his creation. He wanted to be a man void of his roots. He wanted to be a man void of his soul. He was a man, a man racing to compete with his creation. After years of struggle, he saw a stream of water at distance, flowing freely where it willed. Nothing was predetermined, the water followed the course of possibilities. It sang songs while flowing through all kinds of terrains, mountains and rocks. It flowed through his eyes, to his cheeks and wetted his lips. He tasted it, he felt it, he felt the saltiness of life. He felt his root. He remembered his source. He felt his tears, tears of happiness and sadness. He is life, he is man. A feeble creature who struggled for its existance. 13.8 Billions years of evolution, and he is here remembering his roots.