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DAMN, Be Good

I was wrong. It was wrong. It was ethically wrong. It caused more harm than good. Or maybe less harm than good. 40% harm, 60% good? 30% harm, 70% good? It depends on how ethical you want to be. The pious of the pious tries to be in 0% harm, 100% good, and they mostly end up in causing 90% harm, 10% good. Stop moral policing, yelled a stranger. The Moral Police said, "I want you to be 100% good, no matter how bad I am". People call them selfless and pious. I call them a coward.

- DAMN, An Absolute Thinker


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  2. Assess for yourselves the worth of this post after reading a comment of Richard Sonnenfeld, Chief Interpreter, at the Nazi War Criminal Tribunals in Nuremburg, Germany held between 20 November 1945 and 1 October 1946.

    The Tribunal was given the task of trying 23 of the most important political and military leaders of the Third Reich:

    “I discovered something all by myself and that is this: In order to serve a dictator for years, you had to be a “yes” man, have no integrity, no pride, no conscience, and no idea about the humanity of your own and would only do things that were for material gain or rank.
    So the discovery that those Nazi’s who have been blown up to be such monsters were just ordinary people with NO MORALS. That was the greatest shock to me in Nuremberg.”


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