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The Code

It held me strong, and it was hard to breath. I profusely sweated by the rage of fire. The fire was in my heart, a reminiscent of the past. Ignited again by the lust of hope. I had nothing to say, nothing to speak. I could not see anything to think. The dust and smoke of the burning fire, blinded my vision to think anything. Choking badly, I fell to the ground. Crawling like a baby trying to find its life. I had no further thoughts, except my own. I had not seen life, except through tears. The tears swept through the nostrils, to the lungs, to the heart. It tried its best to extinguish the fire. Love, they call, hate the name. Yet it is the misery of human. Wherever thy go, thou will find the code, made to hurt one's own heart. Raise the sword of reason and courage, to swipe the code from your innermost thought. It was made, it was created. It wasn't born out of thy own sanity. It was planted, by the ancestors of agony and piety. It would survive by the scantiest of rain on earth. Beware, to weed it, drop it and forget it. Let not the evil consume your thoughts.


  1. When you choose to love, you choose to hurt. It's inevitable. I love to love and I've learned to love the pain that comes with it. What would life be without love anyway? A dark empty existence? That's not a life I'd love to live.

  2. Whoever it is, you cracked the code!

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    2. I would venture to say that your rendition must have been the words most near to what Satan's manifesto must have sounded like after God hurled him to the earth, and his rebellious angels with him”


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