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An Anecdote of the Guilty

It sneaked inside, and held my frontal cortex. It said O' dear here I am for your well being. I said Ok, get in. It slowly started eating my soul, and then lo! it became my soul. Trapped in it, I couldn't get out. I shook my head, I went away, still it remained there, like a parasite. It ate every bit of my soul, until I puked the intoxicant away. I was in the middle of nowhere, the parasite was gone, my soul wasn't back, a moment of helplessness, a moment of bewilderment. Then  the merciful soul came back and I received it in shame and guilt.

I was wondering how I could get out of the trap. I wanted to make sure that it doesn't deceive me next time. So, the quest began and lo! I found a man. A man who opened my inner eye, and here is how it happened. The sympathy inside me for other beings of my own species got ignited. Thousands of beings of my own species were suffering and dying as they tried to manufacture the intoxicants. I started crying as I learnt that I am a contributor to their suffering. That's it, my heart was filled with both sympathy and hatred. Sympathetic with the beings of my own species who suffers as they manufacture the intoxicants, and hatred towards people who exploits the beings of my own species to manufacture and sell those intoxicants.

The sympathy and hatred inside me not only stop the sneaker from getting inside my frontal cortex, but also persuade me to destroy the intoxicants, as I am doing now by writing this post on this blog.

Please read my previous post love your soul.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to know that God has mercy on us when we least deserve it; and He helps us when we cannot help ourselves. As Trace Balin's song said (on her album Out of the Blue):

    I was on the bottom, looking down still
    I had nothing left to call my own
    I let circumstances weigh down on me
    Endless nights just left me all alone
    I tried everything I knew
    Till someone told me about You

    And Jesus,
    You were my last hope
    When I'd given up on trying
    Nowhere to run
    I had nowhere to go.
    You heard my last prayer
    When no one but You cared
    It was all I could do to go on,
    but then You were my one last hope.

    1. I am sorry. I was not aware that this blog may not be oriented towards Christianity. If not, please forgive me and feel free to delete my post. I did not mean to be offensive by posting Christian song lyrics. I apologize.

    2. Hi Elizabeth,

      Its perfectly alright and I appreciate your comment. You have not done anything wrong in this blog to apologise for.

      Faith on many occasions helps us to be strong and face the problems. I have observed that faith on any object or an ideology that could help us to face such circumstances helps us. In India many get relief on thinking about nirvana, many Muslims get relief thinking about afterlife and many Hindus believe in reincarnation. I found all these dogmas giving some kind of hope to the believers. But, I found a way through which we can feel happiness almost all the time, at the time of loss and gain. And that is to love our creator. Look at the stars above, the planets revolving around the stars, the moon or even the atom. Everything moves on its own order. And if we feel that we are one of them, and appreciate each and every part of the body and wonder at its creation that is the real feeling of the love of our creator. I want you to take a moment to stand, bow and prostrate, free from all the dogmas and teachings you were thought, being yourself as you were just worn. Your eyes will get filled, your face will be full of smile. That is the best kind of happiness I ever experienced.


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