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Man vs Woman - Who is more Dependent on the Other?

How a man is different from a woman, or how a woman is different from a man? How dependent are they between each other? Who is more depended on the other?
Let us compare - this is not for the lighthearted. The below scenario is under the assumption of a controlled environment where only an adult man and an adult woman are alive in an island. In the below cases, it is assumed that sex will lead to pregnancy.
If a man wants to live independent of a woman, he can live. If a woman wants to live independent of a man, she can live. But, if a man wants a progeny, then he should have sex with a woman, look after her during pregnancy and during the initial stage after childbirth, so that the progeny will survive. Thus, in this case a man is dependent on a woman. Similarly,  if a woman wants a progeny, then she should have sex with a man, and be dependent on him for the sake of her child and her own care during pregnancy. Thus, in this case a woman is dependent on a man.
If the man wants a progeny…