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24 days of Suspense!

"Eyes blurred, I looked above. It was a morning like any other morning, but a morning not like any other morning. Sun was right there where it was expected to be a million years ago, while my eyelids close to the horizon where it shouldn't have been, or maybe where it should have been. I can't see what the out come is, while I can see what I am doing right now. As I watched the outcome, my eyes were filed with tears, the same old question 'who  am I?' Don't you think I am not a fan this world - yes I am. I am because I run away from death like a galloping horse in the racetrack of life. I have no idea about when I will die. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, may be years later. I do not know. But still we live like we will live for ever. Driven by this craze called life, we live. Why? Why? I do not think the question is about why, the question is about...why not.

If I die early, the one who reads this post will say it is coincidental, or I was informed about death. I am not the one who..."

Today when I wanted to write something on this blog, I found this post along with other dusty drafts. I think it was written on 24th July 2014, and it was the last post I had written (I am editing the same post to publish). After 24 days, my only sibling, my sister died due to a car accident in New Zealand.