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Why You Shouldn't Read This

It was a day, a day like any other day. A day when the sun shone in the east, and the wind blew from the west. A day when crocks hit the garden of disgust and roach stood aghast for the next nuclear war. A day when the life of the imprisoned became unbearable, he held his hand towards his neck, he held his throat towards his hand. A day like any other day, for many, and not for so many.

He stood there in the light of truth, he stood there. You know what - I am here, ah I am here. I said so many weird things in this life. I said don't hammer that rock, it too will feel the pain. I said mercury is not red in color, because the red for me may not be the red for you. I stood there, looking at these plays, looking at them, never even touched them, never even spoke to them, ust looking, glancing like a baby. When the baby glances at its mother's eyes, what the baby would be thinking? Yes, you know. Once you too glanced at someone. Who is that, who is she, what is that, some movement, Mom? Yes, something abstract, - abstractness that is the rhetoric of life.

You walk on earth with so much confidence, with the might that would pierce your shoulders. Ah, you never thought that you don't walk at all, Earth spins around the Sun, Sun spins around something, and we walk on this Earth. What minute steps we take, and yet we say we are the most adventurous. Your backpack, yes that backpack which you carry along the road, filled as if it has everything to sustain, what O' man O' woman - you think life is such a short ourney.

For instance, I don't have a key in my keyboard, and yes one is missing. Those nasty ants had eaten it for food, and I struggle for a syllable in life. Go back and see, which key is missing, and I am sure you will not find it in this sentence.

I took a break, and I asked myself - what was the purpose for all what I have written. It wasn't for good, it wasn't for bad, perhaps it was ust (there goes the missing key) to wheel my imagination. Perhaps to steer my boredom away to insanity, above all I do not know why you read this.