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Are we mere atoms?

On a beautiful day, alone in the midst of one of the busiest streets in New Delhi, Pahar Ganj, I roamed frantically in search of meeting someone new, someone entirely different from me, or perhaps someone who would have enough tolerance to answer all my questions. I went to a coffee shop, and there was a polite English man sitting alone. He was lean, like most of the westerners in the street who were intoxicated either by drugs or spirituality. Since all other tables were occupied I chose to accompany him.
As we initiated the talk, we directly jumped into the topic of the purpose of life and all those philosophical matters of discourse that we generally shrug off unless we are in some self destructive mood. He is a psychologist by profession (though initially I felt that he must be a pauper seeking a royal rescue in these relatively cheap Indian streets). As we continued to talk I could feel the compassion hiding inside his ascetic life. It was hard for me to learn that he had a distur…