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A small note on Agnosticism

Many times I have thought myself to be a man of faith. In fact there were periods of time in my life when I used to regularly pray, fast and meditate. Those practices definitely had a lot of positive impacts in my life and I still carry some of them with a lot of respect. As time passed by, my thoughts have inclined towards agnosticism. Many people think Agnosticism means 'doubt', but in fact for me it seems to be an epitome of humbleness and helplessness in the quest of truth.
As you go on thinking about God, the voyage begins from basic pagan polytheistic beliefs. What I mean by a pagan polytheistic belief is that, our fears and hopes are balanced with natural elements like fire or an idol or a snake. Many times people consider snake as a god just because they fear them, nobody in history seems to have made the mistake of calling  slug as a god. As you climb through the hierarchy in the quest of truth, polytheism is overthrown by monotheism. Monotheism seems to be a very prac…