Friday, January 18, 2013

A small note on Agnosticism

Many times I have thought myself to be a man of faith. In fact there were periods of time in my life when I used to regularly pray, fast and meditate. Those practices definitely had a lot of positive impacts in my life and I still carry some of them with a lot of respect. As time passed by, my thoughts have inclined towards agnosticism. Many people think Agnosticism means 'doubt', but in fact for me it seems to be an epitome of humbleness and helplessness in the quest of truth.

As you go on thinking about God, the voyage begins from basic pagan polytheistic beliefs. What I mean by a pagan polytheistic belief is that, our fears and hopes are balanced with natural elements like fire or an idol or a snake. Many times people consider snake as a god just because they fear them, nobody in history seems to have made the mistake of calling  slug as a god. As you climb through the hierarchy in the quest of truth, polytheism is overthrown by monotheism. Monotheism seems to be a very practical and ultimate approach, where the fears and hopes are relied on an ultimate invisible God. In fact many polytheists also have some kind of monotheistic belief hidden inside. But if you still think more deeply in the quest of truth, you might reach a situation were materializing God as mono as in monotheistic religions will look like a man made representation of an unrepresentable God. Unfortunately you can not climb higher in the staircase of the above said hierarchy because it might reach zero or in other words atheism. But there are a few people who resort in the gap between atheism and monotheism. A good example of such a belief is Taoism. In Tao Te Ching it is written 'The Tao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging TaoThe name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name.'. It might imply that if we name God (or Tao), then it is not the God that we ultimately think off . In other words we can not imagine or name God, because when we imagine or name, we represent God in some way, and since God is ultimate and unrepresentable, we can not imagine or name God. 

Yet apart from atheists, Taoists, monotheists and polytheists there lies a small group of people who say 'I don't know because... I don't know'. I find that answer extremely honest and humble. A true agnostic wouldn't be biased on any side, they are just true to themselves. I feel that at least a few people would not be having a concrete proof from their memory for the assertion of their interaction with God, and the most honest, humble and truthful way for them is to say 'I don't know'. 

I myself is not a true agnostic. My brain is always inclined towards monotheism, perhaps my brain was wired that way or I have certain reasons (proofs) to believe so.

But above all that, every man/woman should have honesty and braveness to decide up on their own conviction, and wisdom to change their mind depending upon their experiences without any shame. Yet the cessation of the quest of truth in this modern world would be a great mistake, since the voyage through the thread of spirituality seems to have begun from the dawn of human intellect.

Verily, by all means honesty will overcome hypocrisy.