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Why You Shouldn't Read This

It was a day, a day like any other day. A day when the sun shone in the east, and the wind blew from the west. A day when crocks hit the garden of disgust and roach stood aghast for the next nuclear war. A day when the life of the imprisoned became unbearable, he held his hand towards his neck, he held his throat towards his hand. A day like any other day, for many, and not for so many.

He stood there in the light of truth, he stood there. You know what - I am here, ah I am here. I said so many weird things in this life. I said don't hammer that rock, it too will feel the pain. I said mercury is not red in color, because the red for me may not be the red for you. I stood there, looking at these plays, looking at them, never even touched them, never even spoke to them, ust looking, glancing like a baby. When the baby glances at its mother's eyes, what the baby would be thinking? Yes, you know. Once you too glanced at someone. Who is that, who is she, what is that, some movement,…

The Pleasure of Pain!

As the breeze blew beneath my arms,
I stood elate in the cool of shade,
Never rejoicing for the heat of sun,
I left myself in the gloom of mood.

Then there came a man of truth,
Left his home in search of truth,
He stood beside to trade his words,
With a little slump I could pay him back.

He knew my pain in a single look,
My eyes were craving for the cool of shade,
My arms were sweating like the eyes of elephant,
Rogue, impatient for the crave of lust.

He held my arms with his skinny words,
"O' man of faith listen to my words,
The pain of heat is not in heat,
The joy of breeze is not in breeze!"

"Your mind is all that counts the truth,
Your mind is all that counts the lie,
Go, and think that the heat is good,
Go, and think that the pain is pleasure!"

"Thou shall not feel the heat any bad,
Thou will crave for more heat to come,
Thou shall not feel the pain as bad,
Thou will crave for more pain to come!"

"The breeze will  be a breeze of guilt and grief,
The pleasure will be…

Are we mere atoms?

On a beautiful day, alone in the midst of one of the busiest streets in New Delhi, Pahar Ganj, I roamed frantically in search of meeting someone new, someone entirely different from me, or perhaps someone who would have enough tolerance to answer all my questions. I went to a coffee shop, and there was a polite English man sitting alone. He was lean, like most of the westerners in the street who were intoxicated either by drugs or spirituality. Since all other tables were occupied I chose to accompany him.
As we initiated the talk, we directly jumped into the topic of the purpose of life and all those philosophical matters of discourse that we generally shrug off unless we are in some self destructive mood. He is a psychologist by profession (though initially I felt that he must be a pauper seeking a royal rescue in these relatively cheap Indian streets). As we continued to talk I could feel the compassion hiding inside his ascetic life. It was hard for me to learn that he had a distur…

A small note on Agnosticism

Many times I have thought myself to be a man of faith. In fact there were periods of time in my life when I used to regularly pray, fast and meditate. Those practices definitely had a lot of positive impacts in my life and I still carry some of them with a lot of respect. As time passed by, my thoughts have inclined towards agnosticism. Many people think Agnosticism means 'doubt', but in fact for me it seems to be an epitome of humbleness and helplessness in the quest of truth.
As you go on thinking about God, the voyage begins from basic pagan polytheistic beliefs. What I mean by a pagan polytheistic belief is that, our fears and hopes are balanced with natural elements like fire or an idol or a snake. Many times people consider snake as a god just because they fear them, nobody in history seems to have made the mistake of calling  slug as a god. As you climb through the hierarchy in the quest of truth, polytheism is overthrown by monotheism. Monotheism seems to be a very prac…