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Desert Nights

Exhaled the deep rooted malignity of purpose, I crept away into the silence of desert. Opened my eyes into the stillness of night sky, I was filled with the sprinkles of brilliant stars. The coolness of moon had caressed the white sand, the chillness in summer was tossing my warm heart. O' Yang you have blamed me for so long, everyday you asked me to live like a desert raven. The master says, "fly my bird, go and bring me a meal". It flies high over the barren land, and comes back with a delicious meal. It never asks 'why' to its master, it just flies high in search of food. I used to laugh on Yang's wisdom, "poor bird, one day it will be my meal". When I asked you "why do we live?", you replied "we live to live!". Never convinced, I moved ahead in the quest of truth. My heart was pompous, my brain was sharp, of course I was higher in thoughts than you. Yang, your success and gain are nothing, one day you will be dust, …