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Lullabies of a Drunken Slave

Quash, he yelled like a molten brass,
It took away a screeching string,
He felt lost in the sound of hound,
Quash, he yelled like a molten brass.

I thought if he was sane on mane,
He took a string from his vocal cord,
He put a wire on the drunken horse,
Quash, he yelled like a molten brass.

Shrimped, preluded, he approached the basin,
Whack, he stud the water with force,
Hell, this water, it puts us to sleep,
The flamingo was beautiful than this ugly beast.

I stood with awe at the basket's robe,
It released the amount of a full fledged box,
Screech, he cried to the whitish maid,
She took her hand to his scrotal sack.

He yelled aloud to save his seed,
He stood aghast at her feministic pride,
How the world has turned around,
Freedom has led into multiple faiths.

It took a while to settle from this,
And he yelled and yelled until his blood was dried.