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Are Human Beings a part of Nature? (continued)

Just walk through a jungle, and you begin to marvel at the beauty and complexity of nature. If you come across a huge spider web, or a beautiful bird's nest, any person of thought and understanding will pause for a moment and ponder about it. You may glorify God, or appreciate nature, and for a few of us it is a very sentimental emotion.
But once you get out of the jungle, to the luster of human hands, it is usually on  the other extreme. Some people curse the artificial development, others may feel a kind of regret from deep inside their hearts - 'Where are we leading to?, 'just think about the harm it causes to the environment', 'development at what cost?', at least I feel that way some times. All the great business men, and the lords of the capitalistic society have something in common, they were pioneers in development. Some made money selling oil, others constructing bridges, or building computers, and in all the cases they were utilizing nature and exploit…