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Desert Nights

Exhaled the deep rooted malignity of purpose, I crept away into the silence of desert. Opened my eyes into the stillness of night sky, I was filled with the sprinkles of brilliant stars. The coolness of moon had caressed the white sand, the chillness in summer was tossing my warm heart. O' Yang you have blamed me for so long, everyday you asked me to live like a desert raven. The master says, "fly my bird, go and bring me a meal". It flies high over the barren land, and comes back with a delicious meal. It never asks 'why' to its master, it just flies high in search of food. I used to laugh on Yang's wisdom, "poor bird, one day it will be my meal". When I asked you "why do we live?", you replied "we live to live!". Never convinced, I moved ahead in the quest of truth. My heart was pompous, my brain was sharp, of course I was higher in thoughts than you. Yang, your success and gain are nothing, one day you will be dust, …

A Race of Hope

The glimpse of the last thread of sun,
I heard a voice between the legs of an unfortunate mother, It screamed to the voice of its heart,
Lo! The nurse exclaimed. "Its a baby, but..."
It was just another night,
The birth of a new human race,
Like the girl with four hands,
This was just another mutant.

Millions of mutants have passed by,
Double heads,  sickle cells,  blue skins,
Many suffered, many dead,
And human rejoiced for its own genes.

The baby, I name him Aeam the First,
He grew and aged with strongest of bones, His brain was sharper than the sanest of men,
His skin was glowing brighter than the moon.

Every boy in the town envied on him,
Every girl he met, fell shy for him,
They felt like apes in front of humans,
Who knows if the reason for the rage of apes!

Aeam the First, was another animal,
A seed from the Darwin's tree of life,
All he wanted was to spread his genes,
Struggling his life than anyone on earth.

One day he went to a forest in depth,
He saw a rock in the midst of the jungle,

Lullabies of a Drunken Slave

Quash, he yelled like a molten brass,
It took away a screeching string,
He felt lost in the sound of hound,
Quash, he yelled like a molten brass.

I thought if he was sane on mane,
He took a string from his vocal cord,
He put a wire on the drunken horse,
Quash, he yelled like a molten brass.

Shrimped, preluded, he approached the basin,
Whack, he stud the water with force,
Hell, this water, it puts us to sleep,
The flamingo was beautiful than this ugly beast.

I stood with awe at the basket's robe,
It released the amount of a full fledged box,
Screech, he cried to the whitish maid,
She took her hand to his scrotal sack.

He yelled aloud to save his seed,
He stood aghast at her feministic pride,
How the world has turned around,
Freedom has led into multiple faiths.

It took a while to settle from this,
And he yelled and yelled until his blood was dried.

Are Human Beings a part of Nature? (continued)

Just walk through a jungle, and you begin to marvel at the beauty and complexity of nature. If you come across a huge spider web, or a beautiful bird's nest, any person of thought and understanding will pause for a moment and ponder about it. You may glorify God, or appreciate nature, and for a few of us it is a very sentimental emotion.
But once you get out of the jungle, to the luster of human hands, it is usually on  the other extreme. Some people curse the artificial development, others may feel a kind of regret from deep inside their hearts - 'Where are we leading to?, 'just think about the harm it causes to the environment', 'development at what cost?', at least I feel that way some times. All the great business men, and the lords of the capitalistic society have something in common, they were pioneers in development. Some made money selling oil, others constructing bridges, or building computers, and in all the cases they were utilizing nature and exploit…