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Lost, stunned, Yin approached the edge.
Climbing, exhausted, Yin felt at the bottom.
Approaching the end in the quest of meaning,
Yin had seen his own image!

Yang, my gene, why are you here?
Looking for the ship if it approaches the shore.
The ship if it reaches will fill me with glory.
Yin, my brother why are you here?

I have reached this point in quest of truth.
Seeking the meaning to this so called life.
I'm here to jump to the shore,
washed by the ocean I will be no more.

Yin, my brother, we are but one.
You left my soul when I was so young.
I asked 'how to live' and you asked 'why to live'.
'How' for life and 'why' for death?

O' Yin my brother, a long way I have come.
If you dive from the cliff, it is me they will think!
My goods and gold, all they will devour.
I can see the ship nearing the shore,
its filled with hope and my life is that.
Stop O' Yin, let me live ahead.

Yang, my self, do not fear.
Why glory, why hope?
Alas you die with flesh and bones.
Dissolved, dried, you will be no more.

I have come a way, in seek of truth.
I sweared to self, my death before sunset.
Before the Arabian sea, lies my words.
The sun shall set before your ship.

O' Yang let me, let me, else my quest is lost.
Yang my brother, life is void.
You bear children and they too suffer.
As they grow, the numbers gain.
Tickled, agitated, nature kills them all.
Your ship is nothing but a hope that is false,
when it sees me dead, where will be your wealth?

Confused, Yang, lost his hope.
And joined with Yin near the cliff.
At the edge, they saw the glorious sun.
A spot of ship in the sinking sun. Hope and glory, approaching and dying.

Furthest from west of the Arabian sea,
a voice was heard with truth and wisdom.
"Yin Yang two sides of the coin".
Divine, deep, the brothers were frightened!

They moved towards the voice with fear.
Filled with mercy the voice kissed with love,
and they saw the earth how it evolves!
Humble, greedless yet it 'lived'.
And thus they joined the course of nature.

Cried aloud Yin-Yang,
O' the prophet peace be upon you!


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