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Lost, stunned, Yin approached the edge. Climbing, exhausted, Yin felt at the bottom. Approaching the end in the quest of meaning, Yin had seen his own image!
Yang, my gene, why are you here? Looking for the ship if it approaches the shore. The ship if it reaches will fill me with glory. Yin, my brother why are you here?
I have reached this point in quest of truth. Seeking the meaning to this so called life. I'm here to jump to the shore, washed by the ocean I will be no more.
Yin, my brother, we are but one. You left my soul when I was so young.


When a hungry creep took off its veil, a thousand muscles creeped forth. Woman you look so great, and so on and 'ON'. They hunted her for the melody of love, went aghast with a flowery trick, happy with the pleasure of heaven, until she knew the fire is near!Creepy crap was filled with blood. Months of burden and solitude, alas drained it with the liberating pain. Alive, breathing, the blood had voice. But slender, flimsy, it spoke with awe. Creepy crap did not understand a word, she could only listen to the beat of breath. Worried, anxious, she gave her ribs, and she drunk with the pleasure of desire. I can't kill her, nor can I litter, where has gone those thousand muscles? She cried for help and a call answered, who has asked you to remove the veil? You sought freedom and here it is. You sought pleasure and here is your heaven. Modesty and chastity are indeed my gifts, and for those who guard it is indeed loved.
A muscle approached with might and mane, pie…