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Realizing perfection through uncertainty

In this post we attempt to understand the coherency between perfection and the principle of uncertainty. From our previous post 'On Science and Art' we have concluded that the very phenomenon of competition and evolution is a result of prevailing 'art' in the design of universe. This can also be interpreted as 'the uncertainty in world is certain and an element of uncertainty exists in each and every natural system or law.' Which can also be interpreted as there is no perfect natural law, and always an exception is found both when the limits are crossed and within the limitation. Hence I am sitting here with an imperfect mind, thinking about uncertainty and why people run towards perfection and end up in everlasting confusion or sometimes extreme fundamentalism.

When I talk about extreme fundamentalism, let me take the example of religious terrorism. Religious terrorism is a perfect example here, because innocent men fall into the trap of perfectionism either through a religious dogma or a blind principle. When he tries to be fundamental which is often contradictory to diplomacy, he falls to a notion of a perfect follower of a principle and in an illusion to expand it or at least protect it, often ends up in suppressing or conquering others. This is for his own solace in the periphery of perfection and to guard his principle or to spread the principle which he often mentions as 'truth'.

In this blog, the name of which itself is 'In The Quest of Truth', the final objective is Truth, which is perfect, real and fundamental. But the author has to admit the fact that it is never attainable in this uncertain universe by an imperfect man. But the path towards it, itself is an amazing voyage, a voyage which enlightens various dark thoughts which were either undiscovered or blurred by the fear of thinking deep.

Hope this small post has all the required meaning to understand the intention, and to further make it short, let us put it like this-

"Man shall not fall in the pit of illusion by boasting himself or a dogma to be perfect, if he understands the uncertainty in universe while in the quest of perfection or truth."