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Understanding Pain!

There is not a single person on earth who did not experience a feeling called 'pain'. From the pain of getting out of the mother's womb to the pain of the final depart of the human soul; life is always cautious about pain. And the feeling of sympathy comes from the empathy of pain. Let us try to go a little more deeper into pain.
What modern physiology says is that, "pain is initiated by stimulation of nociceptors in the peripheral nervous system, or by damage to or malfunction of the peripheral or central nervous systems." That seems to be very logical, and scientifically agreeable. But let us try to understand pain more than what physiology says, by experiencing pain, by understanding its true meaning and finally by generalizing it .
Pain is always within us, yes, always! You can experiment it yourself. Just sit quite for a while, in a most comfortable position, in a most comfortable environment. And then observe, concentrate on each part of your body, your inter…

Are Human Beings a part of Nature?

It is often a question for intelligent creatures, that if they themselves are a part of nature or the controller of nature. This question has taken men into surprising conclusions throughout the history. The evolution of religion, philosophies and even modern ethics is a part in the quest of that question.

In search of an answer for this, we may end up in contradictory conclusions. First, if we are a part of nature then, we need to justify every act of ourselves including pollution, unscientific use of natural resources and everything which is considered destructive today because of our artificial indulgences. At the same time, if we consider ourselves not a part of nature, then we have to admit that we have a certain amount of control which others don't, which simply means that we are unnatural, or perhaps supernatural, whatever you may call it.

But as a student In the Quest of Truth I must not break its basic rule of being 'Natural'. On the same context I had earlier wr…