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A Treasure Within!

Dear Readers, this post is rather one of the most awaiting post of my conscious. This post is a huge leap In The Quest of Truth. This post is devoid of theology but instead enters into one of the most sublime topic any human being would think. This post is about 'you'!

When I sit in front of my computer in this lovely evening, my thoughts pour on the tips of my finger. These thoughts are not a result of human convolutions but a mighty leap towards human understanding. It would be difficult to put 'silence' into words and so is my task here.

Imagine! Imagine, a bright noon with darkness around. Imagine, the colour of infra red and ultraviolet. Imagine the smell of fire. Imagine the taste of a rock-piece from mars. Please do not feel defeated, but understand that we are limited, the world that we see by all probability is not the world in real. We are controlled by our senses. The world that we know is through our senses, we do not know anything else, anything beyond our limitation. Nobody in this world could think beyond those because our thoughts are based on our previous experiences (observations) and its derivatives. Thus even imagination is limited. And if at all it is possible to imagine such thoughts, it would not be possible to express it! Going a step ahead, can you imagine nothing? Well to imagine nothing you shouldn't imagine. Thus, it would be the most absurd but true task in which a man thinks of nothing without thinking.

Now being in this limitation of human mind, and human body, I am here to reveal a truth about self. If you think that we can be pure, then ask how can we be pure? Do you think we can be pure by being completely selfless? Think carefully, No! What is being completely selfless. Siddhartha Gotama tried to be so. He didn't have food and went to the extreme of having his own faeces. Well, imagine a person who is extremely selfless. He does not hurt anyone, helps all with his ability, does not eat non-veg. But imagine, can he live without breaking a chemical bond in nature? Can he help anyone without helping himself? Can he live without food? No. 'Thus, the pure selflessness means silence or death'.

Thus readers, if you think it is holy to be in these extreme thoughts then you are wrong. If you think it is holy to be completely selfless, then that too is not true. And if you think it is good to keep such a concept to be a role model, then that too wouldn't help you.

Now what is truth? The Truth is to be Natural. To live naturally. Everybody knows what is good and bad. But rarely people think how good and bad are categorized. Good is something which helps the propagation of your species (humanity) to live ahead. While, bad is something which destroys your species. Thus, killing a good person is bad, but killing a bad person is good. Development is good if it is not 'bad' to human beings. Know that being bad to a single other species indirectly is bad to human species. Our nature is so framed that everything is webed together, so being good to yourself will not harm others! This knowledge of distinguishing good from bad is known as wisdom. Now, you will appreciate the importance of wisdom. Because only wisdom and following the good path according to the wisdom will bring peace.

You can be a master of it, anyone can. It is not a divine knowledge, or a miracle. It is logic. You need not strain yourself to gain this knowledge, but achieve it by just being practical. You can be a master of yourself, and you need not seek taking advices from others. This is the beauty of truth! It is simple yet has a lot of meaning.

This is the simple truth dear, neither theology nor extreme philosophies. Based on this truth we can move deeper into The Quest of Truth.

"love has bounds, even universe has bounds"


  1. dear Azmath,
    I really glad to read your posting. it is true that we have a limitation as an individual, as well as our mind and imaginations. I ever think something like you about something out of our imagination. It is really made me afraid and like you talked nobody could think beyond those. I really believe in God, he give us limitation for the best of us and sometimes give us a trial by the desire to imagine something out of control. Like us sometimes. Hehehe…
    About the limitation of human mind and body I ever want to be like Sidharta or Mother Teresa, by controlling my desire and bad think, try to be a better person. But It’s too hard for me, of course. And now I am aware that God actually create human as a persons who have good and bad in their self, hope and desperate, and no one can change it.
    Good posting Azmath….
    Ps. Anyway what the meaning of your name, many Indonesian has a similar name like yours but different. Usually Asmat, not Azmath. It is so unique I think. And where are you came from? I am sorry If I talk too much. Just want to know bout your self.

  2. This is a very thought provoking article and one of the pieces that is highly recommended for those who want to look at life beyond just colors and shapes, but wanting to find the essence of our existence inside of us.

    Great post! :)

  3. Thank you Niar and Maleiha. The Evolving Religion is evolving and the evolution is gradual. So the posts may not be frequent, but I assure you the posts will be best in my conscious. All my regards In The Quest of Truth, and pray for my success in this regard.


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