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A Treasure Within!

Dear Readers, this post is rather one of the most awaiting post of my conscious. This post is a huge leap In The Quest of Truth. This post is devoid of theology but instead enters into one of the most sublime topic any human being would think. This post is about 'you'!

When I sit in front of my computer in this lovely evening, my thoughts pour on the tips of my finger. These thoughts are not a result of human convolutions but a mighty leap towards human understanding. It would be difficult to put 'silence' into words and so is my task here.

Imagine! Imagine, a bright noon with darkness around. Imagine, the colour of infra red and ultraviolet. Imagine the smell of fire. Imagine the taste of a rock-piece from mars. Please do not feel defeated, but understand that we are limited, the world that we see by all probability is not the world in real. We are controlled by our senses. The world that we know is through our senses, we do not know anything else, anything beyond our …