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An Introduction

World, as we know now, is an engine of natural laws. Our sun is one among billions of stars in our galaxy and there are billions of such galaxies. On this small planet, what we call as earth, we belong to yet another small species that we call as human beings.

Just like the great organizations like galactic clusters, and innumerable solar systems, we are also organized in this planet.

But, there seems to be a difference (or similarity?), when sun does not overtakes moon, or when moon does not overtakes sun, human beings are frequent victims of bloodshed!

Now when I talk about organizations here, what I mean is not the huge corporate organizations. But, what I am talking about is a much bigger organization called religion. Even the smallest religion will have more individuals than any of these corporates.

What prompted me to write this blog is that, though a large percentile of us live harmoniously between these organizations, I must say that people are quite serious about their religion. Yes, even an atheist, and that is the reason why he/she is an atheist. Neither my reason, nor my curiosity lets me stop thinking about it. So, here is the quest. A quest for the truth. A quest to find out what is the science behind these organizations.

Logical thoughts, in a progressive manner is appreciated. I want all of you, who read this blog to break the barrier of his/her own limitations and social stigma. Think independently and broaden your mind as much as possible. If you have any thoughts that you feel is having a higher level of broadness, I would like you to share, and I shall share with others in this blog. And by now you would have realized why I started from the word WORLD.


  1. Great post. I have posting about religion and race differences, with title "If One Why Different". That is my thought. Please review if you have time.

  2. thank you so much... I sense your heart is filled with love. and I have added your blog in my bloglist! And your post is really worth a comment here... It is wonderful! Keep in touch... If possible, please follow my blog and subscribe to it so that you can share your thoughts constantly with the evolving religion.

  3. I have done. Please do the same. I already add the same widget. I hope my reader will find you and read your thought.

  4. Do you really seek the truth? Are you really for the truth? I DARE YOU! You will NOT find the Truth unless it is given to you.

  5. dear lovely, i have added your lovely blog to my bloglist...

  6. dear goodnews,
    nice to face your challenge. hope you will be guided soon...

  7. it is not the religion that can save you also it will not bring peace. we have one and the same God only we have different names for Him because it is based on our experience and culture c:

  8. Dear iceah,

    thankyou very much. I can agree half of what you said, i.e one God for all can bring peace but not the other half. Because where comes disagreement there comes clashes. Take any example in your life and you will find that. Everybody are not diplomatic. So we need a religion that advocates unity through a single principle.

    Thanks for your comment.


  9. I do not know what you meant, sorry for that. I think that is Indonesian language. And when I tried to translate it I got it as "A Kanal to Houston". And what Salam means in Arabic is "peace". I am really sorry for not bringing an effective translation for that sentence. If you know English, please send that in English...


  10. Dear Azmath,

    I'm here to see you, my friend.
    Apparently, Gus was a blogger from Indonesia, same with me. What Gus said is "Greetings from Semarang's city". Semarang was the capital of the Central Java province, a province in Java's island, in Indonesia.

    I have posted about the abuse of the Indonesian migrant worker. Please help me voicing against this abuse to the world.

  11. It is good that you are searching and on a quest for truth. There was a man who once said that I am the Way the Truth and the Life. And this man found me...

  12. Great post! It is really happy to see a person with hungry to know the truth! My wishes!
    (expecting some more posts like this!)
    Thanks for your sharing!

  13. Fascinating thoughts, one that challenges the mind. Thanks for the post. God bless.

  14. Thanks a lot. I have read the last post of enjoy the world and it is something we all must ponder. I request you to post it in the comment box of the introduction to the evolving religion.

    I request Mel Avila to do a deeper analysis of his beliefs and practices.

    Evolving religion is based on truth. So, the posts may come rarely, since I don't want to congest it with my opinion. I rely on facts and logic. So please subscribe to the blog, so that you will know when a new post comes.

    Right now I am focusing on to educate people to study comparative religion. And so I guess my next post will be on some fundamentals of religion.



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