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An Introduction

World, as we know now, is an engine of natural laws. Our sun is one among billions of stars in our galaxy and there are billions of such galaxies. On this small planet, what we call as earth, we belong to yet another small species that we call as human beings.

Just like the great organizations like galactic clusters, and innumerable solar systems, we are also organized in this planet.

But, there seems to be a difference (or similarity?), when sun does not overtakes moon, or when moon does not overtakes sun, human beings are frequent victims of bloodshed!

Now when I talk about organizations here, what I mean is not the huge corporate organizations. But, what I am talking about is a much bigger organization called religion. Even the smallest religion will have more individuals than any of these corporates.

What prompted me to write this blog is that, though a large percentile of us live harmoniously between these organizations, I must say that people are quite serious about their religio…

Are Miracles 'Religious' ?

We all know that almost all of the religions have something to do with miracles. The objective of this simple research is to find out what is the science behind these miracles. We all know that religious views are contradictory and thus the god of one religion is not the same as that of another. But still, miracles seem to occur in almost all the religions. What I am doing is a search through Google with 'religion name' <_> miracle. I am adopting this technique to avoid any personal bias on any religion. But please don’t think I am a member of the church of Google (thechurchofgoogle). With this technique I would be able to justify that miracles do happen in all the religions. If you are not interested in theology, you can simply skip this part and directly start reading the pre-conclusive para. This may ignite a few thoughts in your mind, which later can help you in contributing for The Quest of Truth!
Miracles in Buddhism:

Probably Buddhists are not as politically attache…