Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who are Thou to tell me how a Poem Should be?

Closed my eyes,
that unknown source of peace!

And now opened my eyes to see my hands moving
to what it possess
to what it requires
on my keyboard
in search of life
in search of misery.

Who are thou?
to tell me how a poem should be?
or how a poem should not be?
Yelled, and said: this is my hand
these are my fingers.

Well, whose fingers?
Who am I?
The same old question.

Who are thou?
to tell me how a poem should be?
or how a poem should not be?
Yelled, and said: I have my own grammar
these are my thoughts.

Well, whose thoughts?
Who am I?
The same old question.

It was a shock.
And do you know what a shock is?
it is cultural shock.
It was a shock for those who are wired in a single way
No parallel connection, no serial connection.

Who are thou?
to tell me how a poem should be?
or how a poem should not be?

Who are thou?
to tell me how a poem should be?
or how a poem should not be?
I will ct, pastepaste, dele, rewrite
I will. put. a. fu.ll stop wherever I wish.

This is my blog
bound to perish
like me, you and everything created
This is a blog unlike no other blog
for where on earth can you find two things equal?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Maybe I am Wrong

May be I am wrong,
For I can see only what my eyes can see,
For I can hear only what my ears can hear,
For I can think only what my brain can think.
May be I am wrong,
For I know only what I know from others,
For the good I believe is by the good I know,
For the right I do is by the good I believe.
May be I am wrong,
For I kill a life some days,
For I eat some plants some days,
For I chew some molecules everyday.
May be I am wrong,
For I say what I should not say,
For I act what I should not do,
For I think what I should not think.
May be I am wrong,
For I think I am good,
For I think I am pure,
For I think I am bad.
May be I am wrong,
May be I am wrong!
O' God! Only one who I know is Right,
Make me not wrong. O' God!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

24 days of Suspense!

"Eyes blurred, I looked above. It was a morning like any other morning, but a morning not like any other morning. Sun was right there where it was expected to be a million years ago, while my eyelids close to the horizon where it shouldn't have been, or maybe where it should have been. I can't see what the out come is, while I can see what I am doing right now. As I watched the outcome, my eyes were filed with tears, the same old question 'who  am I?' Don't you think I am not a fan this world - yes I am. I am because I run away from death like a galloping horse in the racetrack of life. I have no idea about when I will die. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, may be years later. I do not know. But still we live like we will live for ever. Driven by this craze called life, we live. Why? Why? I do not think the question is about why, the question is about...why not.

If I die early, the one who reads this post will say it is coincidental, or I was informed about death. I am not the one who..."

Today when I wanted to write something on this blog, I found this post along with other dusty drafts. I think it was written on 24th July 2014, and it was the last post I had written (I am editing the same post to publish). After 24 days, my only sibling, my sister died due to a car accident in New Zealand. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beliefs and their Influence on Our Emotions

Sasami believed that eating pork is sinful (-). She ate pork (-) today, and she felt guilty, unhappy.

Bhonna believed that eating pork is good for health (+). She ate pork today (+), and she felt satisfied, happy (+).

The core element here is belief. 

Belief makes who you are. I sometimes feel that our mind is a set of belief itself. Tell about anything in this world, and I think I can correlate some underlying belief based on it. For instance, say 1+1=2. Some would argue that such a mathematical truth is not a belief. Well, for 1+1=2 to be a mathematical truth, you must believe that 1 is a unit which is equal to nothing other than 1 itself, and 2 is a unit which is nothing other than 'two' 1s where 'two' is 1+1, where + is nothing other than taking two separate things and combining them together. Such a simple equation involves a number of beliefs hidden within it. Again, what does combining mean? and so on.

Beliefs could be altered through changing the underlying beliefs. That should involve in some sort of logical reasoning. Let us get back to the example of Sasami. Sasami believed that eating pork is sinful. She believes so because her family said so. She believes in her family. Now, her belief about eating pork can be altered by altering her belief about the family.

Some beliefs are strong, while others are weak. Strong beliefs have more number of underlying beliefs (which I shall call sub-beliefs) than a weak beliefs. Some sub-beliefs are parallel in nature, while others are sequential. Parallel sub beliefs are a set of sub beliefs which directly influences a belief. Sequential sub-beliefs are a set of sub-beliefs which are chain like, one influencing the other in a sequential manner. For example, Sasami believes that eating pork is sinful because 1) her family says so 2) her doctor said so 3) she read it in a medical Journal 4) her scripture says so etc. These are parallel sub beliefs. Example of sequential sub-beliefs is, Sasami believes that eating pork is sinful because, she read about the harmful effects of eating pork in a Journal, the article was written by a doctor, the doctor had a medical degree, medical degree was given by X organization and so on. Interestingly most of our beliefs have both parallel and sequential sub-beliefs which makes psychology (especially cognitive psychology) so complex.

Can beliefs be changed?

Admit it or not some deep rooted beliefs are very hard to change for even the most liberal person. If the reader is like most of the modern homo sapiens, imagine your neighbor persuading you for incest or cannibalism. Would your belief change? At the same time some beliefs are easy to change. Sundhru used to have aspirin for quite a few years, and a single article, on his favorite newspaper, about the negative side effects persuaded him not to have aspirin.

So do I have a mantra to be happy? Yes. Let Sasami not eat Pork or let her change her belief about eating pork and then she will be happy with pork, at least. Remember it is often easier to control our animal nature (more about animal nature and mental model in future post) than to change one's deep rooted beliefs.

I would like to hear about some instances in your life which changed your previous beliefs.