Saturday, August 20, 2016

As Man Thinks

Born out of water, he learnt like a fluid. Millions of experiments through innumerable streams of possibilities, he grew up strong and bold. As the intelligence evolved, it shaped him to be a man, a man inventiing machines. Born out of earth, machines learnt like a dead parch of land. Millions of experiments through predetermined arrays of logic, machines grew up strong and bold. He thought, 'machines are stronger and quiker than me, so why I shouldn't be like earth?' He emulated machines, woke up predetermined, worked predetermined, slept predetermined. He was no more water, his experiments were through logic. He wanted to be his creation, he wanted to be better than his creation. He wanted to be a man void of his roots. He wanted to be a man void of his soul. He was a man, a man racing to compete with his creation. After years of struggle, he saw a stream of water at distance, flowing freely where it willed. Nothing was predetermined, the water followed the course of possibilities. It sang songs while flowing through all kinds of terrains, mountains and rocks. It flowed through his eyes, to his cheeks and wetted his lips. He tasted it, he felt it, he felt the saltiness of life. He felt his root. He remembered his source. He felt his tears, tears of happiness and sadness. He is life, he is man. A feeble creature who struggled for its existance. 13.8 Billions years of evolution, and he is here remembering his roots.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Do Not Fear

I looked at death, it is not new, it is not old. It is time. As time is born, so it dies. So are we, each moment we are born, each moment we die. Each moment we are new, each moment we are old. We don't grow old, we don't have time to grow old. We die before we grow, we are born before we die. This loop of life and death consumes our thoughts, invisible, it seems to be in a flow. It is not in a flow, it is quantum in nature. Don't fear death, you have already died infinite times. Don't fear hunger, poverty and loneliness. You have been hungry, poor and lonely all your life. I say, do not fear! Do not fear, O' mankind! Life is not worthy to be preserved, it is not worthy to be treated forever. You have died a million times since you started reading these words, and you are new now, a new being without fear.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

DAMN, Be Good

I was wrong. It was wrong. It was ethically wrong. It caused more harm than good. Or maybe less harm than good. 40% harm, 60% good? 30% harm, 70% good? It depends on how ethical you want to be. The pious of the pious tries to be in 0% harm, 100% good, and they mostly end up in causing 90% harm, 10% good. Stop moral policing, yelled a stranger. The Moral Police said, "I want you to be 100% good, no matter how bad I am". People call them selfless and pious. I call them a coward.

- DAMN, An Absolute Thinker

Get over it

I haven't seen a better self than when I am not myself. I have been doped for death, doped for life and yet life seemed to be a ripple of lust. As the lust goes of the sanity of your mind, truth takes over the insanity of your mind. It eats up everything until the carnal pleasure takes over the hypocritical mind. Yeah, it says. And well, you know the hormonal imbalances pricks up your consciousness. There goes pleasure, pain, ruthless regard for ones own morality. There is no way to break it apart, but to accept it as it is. Divinity, that's all I can say. That's all I know.

- Time

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Code

It held me strong, and it was hard to breath. I profusely sweated by the rage of fire. The fire was in my heart, a reminiscent of the past. Ignited again by the lust of hope. I had nothing to say, nothing to speak. I could not see anything to think. The dust and smoke of the burning fire, blinded my vision to think anything. Choking badly, I fell to the ground. Crawling like a baby trying to find its life. I had no further thoughts, except my own. I had not seen life, except through tears. The tears swept through the nostrils, to the lungs, to the heart. It tried its best to extinguish the fire. Love, they call, hate the name. Yet it is the misery of human. Wherever thy go, thou will find the code, made to hurt one's own heart. Raise the sword of reason and courage, to swipe the code from your innermost thought. It was made, it was created. It wasn't born out of thy own sanity. It was planted, by the ancestors of agony and piety. It would survive by the scantiest of rain on earth. Beware, to weed it, drop it and forget it. Let not the evil consume your thoughts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Equation of Love: Letter to my Imaginary Girlfriend

My Love,

I was searching for the meaning of your name for such a long time. I did not know what you are, until I saw you, and I felt you. You are like sugar, once I taste even a tiny particle of you, I feel you, the more I eat, the more I feel you, but to realize you a particle of you is enough.

I am trying to understand the physics of love, it is all give and take. If I had gone to a prostitute, I could pay her something and she will give me sex. It is not love because she is gaining more than me - I am recieving sex while she is receiving both sex and money. In love, the transaction is fair and equal. I give you a kiss and you like it, and you give me a kiss in return and I like it. Love is even more interesting when we share love when nobody asks for anything. This is kind of an infinite transaction of gifts! What an ideal world!

I do not know if everybody feels love like me, but this is kind of truth I found. I am also not sure if this love will remain forever, but to taste it even once in your life itself is worth a lot.

I tried to draw a love graph above. In X axis is the volume of give and take. It is the fair give and take I mentioned earlier- a kind of selfless give and take. As this give and take increases the intensity of love increases until it probably saturates. We are in the beginning stage of this love, and there might be so much more to go to realize more love.

Some believe love is blind with a closed hand in the sense that the reward is not expected and even not taken. For example, a mother loves her child without expecting anything in return. I do not subscribe to this idea for our love, because the intensity of love (Y-axis) can not be increased without receiving. A mother can deny her child's kiss and her love will remain same to the child. A child might vomit the food the mother prepared, and still the mother will love the child the same. At the same time, I have to accept the food you prepare and thank you and only then our love will grow.

Love between me and you is different from the love between me and my mother. Our love can increase over time while my mother's love is kind of stable. That makes our love more interesting than me and my mother's love. We have more control over our love, while me and my mother's love is kind of involuntary.

Your Love